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Flower Bag Making Machine

Flower Bag Making Machine

Uses and Features
        This machine is mainly used in flower bags, umbrellas, bags, ties bags shaped bag production. The bags can also be modified production curved, BOPP, PE, POF and other materials are available.
RDY600 for saplings bags, towers and lines bag.
RDY700 for small flower bag, grape bag.
RDY800 for large flower bags, umbrellas, bags, tie bags.
High sensitivity photoelectric tracking, bag accurate. Bronzing function alternative.
All kinds of special features can be customized production. Applicability of the bag size can be customized.

The main technical parameters:

Model RDY600 RDY700 RDY800
Power source 220V 220V 220V
Power 4.5KW 5.5KW 7.5KW
Bag width 50-600mm 50-670mm 50-770mm
Bag length 50-570mm 50-700mm 50-800mm
Speed ​​bag 30-160P/min 30-140P/min 30-120P/min
Weight 750kg 850kg 1050kg
Machine length 3300mm 3300mm 3300mm
Machine width 1140mm 1240mm 1340mm
Machine height 1255mm 1255mm 1255mm

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